Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Hows and Whys of Backflow Prevention.

It is pretty simple really, water that flows into your Fox Valley area home should properly flow in only one direction. The clean water enters, and the dirty water exits. Usually, that’s exactly how it works. Sometimes though, the flow of water changes direction so the dirty water flows back toward the clean. That is when Bee Plumbing of Sandwich will fix your backflow problem.

It is important that you include in your household budget a regular backflow testing procedure done by a certified plumbing professional to make sure your first lines of defense against contaminated water are working properly. Backflow testing evaluates your plumbing system to see if backflow is occurring. Fortunately, the process is relatively fast and easy.

The best news is that professional, guaranteed backflow testing in Sandwich, and much of DeKalb, Kendall, as well as much of Kane Counties is just a phone call away. It is done with the highest standards by Bee Plumbing. Make sure that backflow testing is done every year and visit their website at for the phone number to call in your area.

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