Thursday, November 15, 2018

When Does a Toilet (or its parts) Need to be Replaced.

It is a question so many of us ask if we live in our Western Suburban Chicagoland home long enough.  The fast answer is that you don’t give it a second thought until something goes bonkers with your bathroom buddy!  Just like any other appliance in your home, it will certainly eventually need to be replaced.

What are some of the signs?

1.  Cracks in the tank.  Can this be repaired?
2.  Age.  Is it older than 25 years?
3.  The foundation is unsteady.
4.  It seems to need frequent tinkering.

Toilets are just another home appliance that demands attention every now and then.  When the time comes to repair or replace toilets in your home or office call on our area’s trusted plumber.  He is Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing Inc.  Go to for a full list of areas he and his team service and the right phone number to call.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A List of 2018 Chicagoland Turkey Trots

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"For many of us, the Turkey Trot was that first race we ever ran as a kid. Maybe it’s the only race you’ll do all year. Point is, if you’re not running this Thanksgiving, you’re missing out on a pretty spectacular running tradition."


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Backflow Testing around Chicagoland.

You know that not just anyone can test your Chicago area home for backflow problems.  It begins with 40 hours of classroom time…book learnin’!  Next, it becomes about paying for the privilege.  To become a certified backflow tester you must pay several hundred dollars.  Oh, and don’t forget the additional licensing when you are done.

On top of all that, a plumber needs to invest in what is known as a testing gage.  That too, will set the plumber back several hundred dollars.  He is not done yet.  Every two years a licensed backflow technician must be re-certified.  At that point, another eight hours or so must be spent in the classroom or online.

Then comes experience.  You need to be sure that the plumber who enters your home is an experienced backflow technician.  If you live in The Fox Valley and far western suburbs of Chicagoland the right man for the job is Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing.  Go to and call the phone number that corresponds to your area.

Paying tribute to our veterans

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Many events planned throughout the area for Veterans Day