Wednesday, February 20, 2019

When Reliable Things Go Bad.

No, this is not some salacious expose on nice people making bad decisions.  This is about your home’s reliable drainage system slowly grinding to a halt.  Every day in your home as the years go by, the drains are slowing down imperceptibly.  In the final stage they will back up all together and create a BIG problem.

We understand that your first inclination is to use that good-ole’ reliable plunger.  It sits in a corner 365 days a year waiting for something to do.  If and when you discover that the obstruction is further down the drain line you may think that you can successfully use a cable auger or snake.

Go ahead, we understand that you want to make the problem of a clogged drain a DIY one.  Realistically it may be beyond your pay grade.  If you have made attempt after attempt to clear that clog please give us a call at Bee Plumbing Inc.  We serve the southern Fox Valley and all of its plumbing needs.  Please visit and call the appropriate number.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Backflow Problems in Winter.

Backflow devices are found north, south, east, and west protecting our drinking water from contamination.  Everywhere from the deserts of the Southwest to the frozen tundra of Duluth and right here in Chicagoland there are backflow problems.  There are differences in backflow prevention in climates that enjoy all four seasons.

One constant is that there needs to be an annual inspection of assemblies and the administration of programs. It doesn’t matter what the annual rainfall or average temperature is.  In cold weather though, assemblies and their meters must be protected against freezing.  More damage can be done in winter weather like we have now.

This time of year, wind, snow, and nighttime frost can (and will) take their toll on access doors and equipment.  There’s always a perfect solution around here in far western suburban Chicago.  It’s Bee Plumbing Inc.  That is whom you call for any and all backflow problems.  Visit and give Scott a call today at the phone number closest to you.