Monday, July 13, 2020

Business Plumbing Problems are Mostly More Pressing.

At the very least, home plumbing problems only create minor inconveniences for homeowners. For local businesses in the area around The Fox Valley even the most minor of setbacks in plumbing can mean sales going down, employees getting sick, and reputations being placed at risk. Especially now, you can’t take any more risks!

Here are some simple issues to keep an eye out for –

1.  Bad odor…no matter where it’s coming from.
2.  Leaks…whether they be minor or major, they are signs of potentially bigger issues.
3.  Clogged drains…sadly, more prevalent the more people that use them.

When a business has a plumbing problem now, more than ever it is important to immediately call Scott. That’s Scott Swanson the owner/operator of Bee Plumbing.  If you own a business in the Fox Valley, please call him immediately to avoid a burgeoning plumbing problem from turning into a disaster. For the phone number near you go to on the web.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Under Warranty.

When something goes wrong with plumbing or appliances that are under warranty you need help immediately!  Many plumbing companies will offer their clients extended warranties on either their work, appliances (the new water heater, sump pump, garbage disposal, etc.) or both.  Are these warranties a good deal for you…the homeowner?

Here are some of the pros to having everything warranted –

1.  Warranties can save you big money in the long run.
2.  Warranties may mean enhanced coverage.
3.  Peace of mind.

Who fixes appliances and plumbing problems that are under warranty?  In the Southern Fox Valley, the answer is Scott.  That’s Scott Swanson and his crew at Bee Plumbing.  If you have any appliance that has gone bad and can be fixed call Scott of Bee Plumbing.  For the proper phone number in your area visit