Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Family New Years Eve Party!

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"Join us for a family friendly New Years party includes a “midnight” countdown at 7pm, Live DJ, Confetti Balloon Drop and Pizza Buffet"

Friday, December 14, 2018

The History of Plumbing.

Have you ever wondered how far back this skill goes?  The art of plumbing goes back to ancient civilizations in Greece, Rome, and China.  In China public baths emerged demanding that fresh water be piped in and waste water be removed on a grand scale for an increasing population.  The word plumber dates back to the Roman Empire.

Plumbing reached an early apex in ancient Rome with the introduction of the famous aqueducts.  From there, progress was rather slow until metropolitan areas began teaming in the 19th century.  Most large cities today pipe solid wastes to sewage treatment plants in order to separate and partially purify the water, before it empties into streams and other bodies of water.

It is a profession that I and my plumbers take very seriously.  I am Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing Inc. serving the plumbing needs of the Southwest Fox Valley.  We take great pride in every job be it large or small and will continue to do so in 2019.  From our family to yours we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Where to see Santa in the Western Suburbs 2018

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Make a date to give your wishes to Santa and take advantage of the photo op!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Your Sewer Does Not Know What Season It Is.

Do you think that the sewage system under your home respects the fact that winter is about to hit with full-force?  It is important to consider a major winter issue that could affect your system and cause an immediate need for repair.  At Bee Plumbing Inc. we are often called to clear ice around sewers to keep them flowing freely.

After the snow begins to melt but the ground near the drains is still cold enough to freeze, it is important to call in a sewer repair expert.  Ice can cause sewers and pipes to freeze and sewer lines to back up.  A frozen sewer line, or a sewer trap is not typically a common occurrence.  When it does occur, it can close down a drain system and cause a potential disaster.

Before winter hits us with full force, remember Bee Plumbing Inc.  When you need us for any drain cleaning or sewer repairs this upcoming season just give us a call.  We proudly serve the area around Sugar Grove, Yorkville, Sandwich, Plano, and Aurora.  For a complete list of the correct number to call in your area visit our website at www.beeplumbing-inc.com.

Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum

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"See trees in a different light at Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum. You'll be surrounded by color as you walk a one-mile paved path amid interactive lighting effects that highlight the beauty of trees in winter. Enjoy seasonal music, marvel at ever-changing, interactive lighting effects, and warm up by a crackling fire with a cozy drink or roast marshmallows for s’mores."

Thursday, November 15, 2018

When Does a Toilet (or its parts) Need to be Replaced.

It is a question so many of us ask if we live in our Western Suburban Chicagoland home long enough.  The fast answer is that you don’t give it a second thought until something goes bonkers with your bathroom buddy!  Just like any other appliance in your home, it will certainly eventually need to be replaced.

What are some of the signs?

1.  Cracks in the tank.  Can this be repaired?
2.  Age.  Is it older than 25 years?
3.  The foundation is unsteady.
4.  It seems to need frequent tinkering.

Toilets are just another home appliance that demands attention every now and then.  When the time comes to repair or replace toilets in your home or office call on our area’s trusted plumber.  He is Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing Inc.  Go to bee-plumbinginc.com for a full list of areas he and his team service and the right phone number to call.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A List of 2018 Chicagoland Turkey Trots

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"For many of us, the Turkey Trot was that first race we ever ran as a kid. Maybe it’s the only race you’ll do all year. Point is, if you’re not running this Thanksgiving, you’re missing out on a pretty spectacular running tradition."


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Backflow Testing around Chicagoland.

You know that not just anyone can test your Chicago area home for backflow problems.  It begins with 40 hours of classroom time…book learnin’!  Next, it becomes about paying for the privilege.  To become a certified backflow tester you must pay several hundred dollars.  Oh, and don’t forget the additional licensing when you are done.

On top of all that, a plumber needs to invest in what is known as a testing gage.  That too, will set the plumber back several hundred dollars.  He is not done yet.  Every two years a licensed backflow technician must be re-certified.  At that point, another eight hours or so must be spent in the classroom or online.

Then comes experience.  You need to be sure that the plumber who enters your home is an experienced backflow technician.  If you live in The Fox Valley and far western suburbs of Chicagoland the right man for the job is Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing.  Go to bee-plumbinginc.com and call the phone number that corresponds to your area.

Paying tribute to our veterans

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Many events planned throughout the area for Veterans Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Long Should You Wait for a Plumber?

When you have a plumbing emergency in your home or office how long must you wait for someone to show up?  Every minute that ticks by seems like an hour…doesn’t it?  Be careful when you seek out a plumber that services our area.  Some of them come from the bowels of Chicagoland and they may be an hour away…at least!

There are two obvious reasons why you want to hire a local plumber.  Speed, which we mentioned above in getting to you.  Also, consider the cost.  If you have an honest local professional he will pass the savings on to you.  The less he has to travel the more he will save…especially with these gas prices!

Do you live in or around Sandwich, Plano, Yorkville, Oswego, Montgomery, Sugar Grove, Algonquin, Aurora, Lake in the Hills, Barrington, or Crystal Lake then there is a plumber just for you.  It’s Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing.  He even has a specific phone number depending on where you live.  Just visit www.bee-plumbinginc.com and give him a call.

Haunted Houses in Chicago, Illinois area for 2018

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"Get ready to get scared! These haunted houses across the Chicago area offer frights and fun during the Halloween season."


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Are you Prepared to Pick Up 88 Pounds?

That’s not something most of us do on a daily basis.  Did you know that the average one-piece toilet weighs nearly 100 pounds?  Now, if you are planning on replacing one or more of them in your home you had better be prepared to do some heavy lifting.  You may think that you have the knowledge as to how it is done, but what about the brute strength?

To start with, if you’re buying a new toilet, you need to know the “rough-in” measurement of the old one.  Setting a toilet onto new bolts can be the most frustrating part of the whole installing a toilet job.  You should also be aware that a rock-solid toilet flange is the key to a leak-free toilet.  That is rather important!

Rather than have this knowledge and upper-body strength, why not call Scott?  That’s Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing.  He is never too busy to install your new toilet(s) in your home or office.  If you have any plumbing problem in the far-west Suburbs of Chicagoland just visit www.bee-plumbinginc.com to call the appropriate phone number near you.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Naper Settlement Oktoberfest 2018, Oct 5-6

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"Naper Settlement hosts Oktoberfest on Friday, October 5th (5-10 p.m.); & Saturday, October 6th (noon to 10 p.m.)"

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ejector Pumps and Sump Pumps.

So, what’s the difference?  The ejector pump handles the wastewater from your basement, including sewage from a basement bathroom. A sump pump has a simple drain pipe to expel the water to the outside, while an ejector pump is connected directly to your sewer or septic line and also has a vent pipe to manage the removal of sewer gases.

How long should an ejector pump last?  The usual life of this device is between 8 and 10 years.  You may get 10 years or more out of your sump pump, but you would be pushing it after a decade.  For instance, if you notice that the sump pump in your basement or crawlspace isn't kicking on when the water level rises it is time to take action.

The proper action to take in the far western suburbs of Chicagoland is to call Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing.  Scott and his team have decades of experience repairing and replacing ejector pumps and sump pumps throughout our area.  Please don’t wait until you are knee-deep in water!  Visit bee-plumbinginc.com and call the phone number nearest you. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Museums After Dark, Sept 20th

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"Bring the family to downtown Aurora when the stars are out, and enjoy a fun and educational treat for all ages.  Aurora Museums welcome visitors to downtown Aurora after hours on Thursday, Sept 20th, highlighting STEAM activities for all ages."


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Drip, Drip, Drip.

This could be your stomach with excess acid as the old commercial suggested when a faucet in your home will not stop dripping.  Depending on where that problem occurs in your castle, it will be an occasional or constant annoyance.  You know it has to be fixed.  After all, it won’t heal itself, will it?

So, you’ve cranked the handle on your sink faucet as far as you can without breaking it off, but the leaking still persists. You don’t know whether it’s time to reconstruct it or time to replace the whole thing. What you DO know is the leaking has to stop!  If you are positive you can fix it with normal effort and expense AND keep the problem from recurring, then it’s a DIY job.

Realistically it is probably a job for a licensed plumber.  The cap needs to be twisted off without ruining it, then a crescent wrench is used to unscrew the packing nut.  The chance of doing it right once and for all is 100% by calling Scott at Bee Plumbing.  Go to bee-plumbinginc.com and look for the phone number to call in the Far Western Suburbs of Chicagoland.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Naperville Labor Day Parade

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Make your Labor Day plans to attend the Naperville Parade!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Back Backflow, Back.

Someday a backflow problem may grip your household.  Clearly it will get your attention.  This is not just a leaky toilet, or a clogged disposal, this can be a whole-house disaster!  Backflow is a term in plumbing for an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction.  It can be a serious health risk and it needs to be dealt with quickly and completely.

This nasty event is caused by cross-connections that have the potential of allowing contaminants into the drinking water system. Something called back siphonage can occur when the pressure in a tank or water trough is lower than the water system's pressure. Yet another cause of backflow is back pressure.  It happens in Chicagoland all too frequently.

When backflow rears its ugly head in the far West Suburbs it is time to call in a real professional.  That is backflow plumbing expert Scott Swanson and his team at Bee Plumbing.  They will take your call and schedule an appointment for a visit from Scott and his crew.  Just call with any plumbing problem at one of the numbers listed on bee-plumbinginc.com.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Pipes is Pipes.

That is what it says on my website www.bee-plumbing.com just to demonstrate what many people believe.  If it is a pipe carrying water or gas they are dramatically different.  For example, pipes that help water to flow freely are mostly made of copper these days.  Now, if we are speaking of pipes that carry gas then we are probably talking steel.

Here are some mistakes that people make when installing a gas grill -

1.  It starts with buying the wrong grill in the first place.
2.  Knowing the local permits and codes.
3.  Making sure that everything lines up.
4.  Having the sincere belief that you can install this as well as a professional.

To that last point, I want you to know that we are here for you.  I am Scott Swanson, the owner of Bee Plumbing, serving the far Western Suburbs of Chicagoland with knowledge and experience in dealing with piping of all types.  If it is fixing a water leak or installing gas piping please give me a call first.  Visit my website for the right number in your area.