Monday, October 14, 2019


It is annoying at the very least.  A leaking faucet in your home or office is more than just an aggravation in your daily life.  Did you know that even a small leak can send three gallons of water down the drain a day?  If you leave it that way for a year, you'll have wasted enough water to fill a swimming pool!

Here are some of the most common causes –

1.  A loose or worn-out O Ring
2.  The cartridge may need to be replaced
3.  The valve seat wears out.  It connects the faucet and the spout.
4.  Problems with the washer that rests against the valve seat
5.  The issue could be water pressure.

There are several more potential problems that could cause a leaky faucet.  Suffice to say you could use a professional plumber to troubleshoot those problems and repair them.  If you live in the Fox Valley and the surrounding area please visit on the web and call the phone number nearest to your town.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hello Up There…We’re Clogged.

If the drains coming into your home could talk, that’s what they might yell out.  Drain functionality is essential to the smooth operation of your home’s plumbing.  Every single time you turn on a faucet, run the washing machine, or flush the toilet, your drainage system should quickly remove waste water without a second thought on your part.

Here are some of the signs of a clogged drain –

1.  The drains are slowing down
2.  Water backs up and toilets gurgle when flushed
3.  There is the smell of sewage
4.  Tiny flies hover around clogged drains
5.  Listen for unusual noises like bubbling

When drain(s) become clogged in your home around the Central and Southern Fox Valley the man to call is Scott.  He is drain cleaning wizard Scott Swanson the owner of Bee Plumbing serving Fox Valley and the surrounding area for all its plumbing problems.  Please visit and call the phone number nearest to your town.

Oktoberfest, Oct 24th

(Click the link above for more information)

Thursday, October 24 11am – 1:30pm at Prisco Community Center
"The annual Oktoberfest features a German meal of sauerbraten, German potato salad, carrots, red cabbage, rye bread and pumpkin rolls for dessert. There will be great German music for entertainment and mums will be given away at the end of the event. Deadline to register is Oct.17. There is no reserved seating. The meal is served at 11:30, entertainment is at noon, raffles afterwards."