Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Repairing a Sink Sprayer.

It is certainly not an everyday thing, but once in a while that old reliable sink sprayer on your kitchen sink goes “on the fritz”. When that happens the first person you should think of is Scott Swanson, the owner of Bee Plumbing in Sandwich. Homeowners in the southern Fox Valley have been doing it for years!

You see, most kitchen sink sprayers installed in Fox Valley homes come with replacements that do not fit right on, unless you have the exact replacement. What if your sink faucet works fine, however there is no water coming through the sprayer line/hose? That is something that Scott will repair for you.

Bee Plumbing and Scott can be relied on when most plumbing maintenance or emergencies occur in your Fox Valley household. Scott works out of his office located in Sandwich, IL. When you need him, just go to the internet and search There you will find not only his many talents, but the correct number to call in your area.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Bathroom Remodeling.

You have gone back indoors for the winter. You may be traveling less and nesting more. So, your bathroom(s) could be getting more of a workout. Maybe (before the holidays) it is a great time to consider a remodeling of your bathroom. If you live in and around The Fox Valley in far Western Suburban Chicagoland Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing is a great guy to know!

If you are doing a complete bathroom remodeling, the fixtures need to be removed…enter Scott. Will you replace your shower or tub…or both? Scott will help. Will Bee Plumbing be installing a new sink? Where are the electrical wires and the plumbing pipes located? Scott will be there for you every step of the way.

Bee Plumbing of Sandwich, IL and owner Scott Swanson have been remodeling bathrooms around the Central and Southern Fox Valley since the last century. Once you have made the commitment to have a new bathroom, call Scott Swanson, the owner of Bee Plumbing. The phone number nearest you is found on the web at

Friday, October 14, 2022

Under Warranty.

Those are important words. Many people have appliances that have no warranty to back them up. If you live in the Southern Fox Valley and anywhere in the Sandwich, IL area, you are one of the fortunate ones if you have a warranty agreement on one of your appliances and it goes bad.

The first thing you should do is find a good plumber in the area who does warranty repair work. The man for the job is probably Scott Swanson, the owner of Bee Plumbing located in Sandwich. He has serviced customers who have a warranted appliance for decades. It is comfortable to know that Scott is someone you can trust to do warranty work.

The work that Scott does representing Bee Plumbing of Sandwich is 100% guaranteed. He is not some “weekend” handyman who will work on your appliance, then disappear! If you have an appliance that goes bad, AND is under warranty call Scott at your location’s nearest phone number listed on his website

Monday, October 3, 2022

Replacing a Toilet.

Have you ever done it? It requires plenty of strength, experience, and expertise in this area to do it right. Scott Swanson and his crew have had plenty of all three! There are many reasons to replace your toilet in your Southern Fox Valley home around Sandwich. It can be a demanding and messy task if you have never done it before.

Here are just some of the steps you will need to take -

1. Obviously, remove the old bowl.

2. Inspect the toilet flange…uh huh. Do you know how to inspect a flange?

3. Install a brand new toilet seal.

4. Place the new bowl perfectly on the flange.

Needless to say, unless you are of strong substance, or know someone who is…it is not a DIY job! That is why Scott Swanson is just a phone call away. Scott has owned Bee Plumbing in Sandwich for decades. When you need a toilet changed out in the Fox Valley just look up and call the phone number nearest you.