Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Where’s the Plumber I Called Two Hours Ago?

Has that ever happened to you?  I don’t need to tell you that Chicagoland is a big swath of land!  People (and plumbers) who live closer to the Lake might take hours to get to you in the Far West Suburbs.  That is frustrating for everyone, not to mention you never know who is coming out to fix your plumbing.

Local should mean local, shouldn’t it?  If you call a plumber and you live in Yorkville, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Plano, Sandwich, etc. you expect your plumber to be coming to your home from one of those Western Suburban Chicagoland communities.  That’s what we mean by local!

Bee Plumbing IS local.  Our plumbers live and work in the communities that they service.  There is no two-hour commute to get to work or get to your house.  You will come to know your plumber if you call us more than once.  Please visit on the web then just call the number nearest you for fast, efficient service.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

One Call Does It All.

Around here that is our motto.  What does it mean exactly?  If you make a statement such as that in the plumbing business, you had better stand behind it!  One call does it all should (and in our case DOES) mean if you make a call looking for plumbing help, we don’t say…oh, we don’t do that type of plumbing work.

When we make that pledge it means such things as warranty work on an appliance that is still under warranty.  Does your water heater need to be repaired or replaced?  How about your toilet?  Faucets need repairing from time-to-time, drains need cleaning when they clog, and sometimes problems are emergencies that need immediate attention.

Enter Bee Plumbing.  We will leave our capes at home, but we will bring all of the necessary plumbing repair tools.  So, whatever the plumbing problem in your Fox Valley residence, the answer is almost always Bee Plumbing.  For a list of phone numbers to call in your area visit on the web.