Monday, May 18, 2020

That’s Just Plain Nasty.

You might say that about a lot of things, but nothing more than a clogged toilet in your home.  When your toilet doesn’t work properly or it appears to be damaged, the whole ordeal can be frustrating, and it can be very difficult to determine when it’s time to give in and replace the toilet entirely.

Here are some signs that it is time for a toilet replacement –

1.  It consistently clogs
2.  There are cracks causing puddles of water
3.  It wobbles when you sit down
4.  Mineral deposits are building up
5.  It’s just plain old

There are other warning signs, of course, but when you need a new toilet you should be able to sense it right away.  When that time comes, and you live in the central or southern Fox Valley there is one right answer for toilet replacement.  Call Scott Swanson.  Visit on the web and call the phone number in your area.

Friday, May 1, 2020

What is a Backflow Prevention Device…and Why Do I Need It?

It’s a fair question for homeowners in the far western suburbs of Chicagoland.  Simply put, a backflow protection device is designed to protect potable water supplies from contamination due to the backflow of impurities.  The very definition of backflow means the undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas, or suspended solid.

To prevent contamination due to back pressure, many health regulatory regimes require an air gap or mechanical backflow prevention assembly between the delivery point of local storage or use and your home.  Local water suppliers are responsible for maintaining a certain amount of purity in potable water systems.

For you, the home and business owner in the Southern Fox Valley it means having a reliable backflow device installed AND tested on a yearly basis.  For that task the answer should be Bee Plumbing.  They serve many cities in our area, so to access the correct phone number to call just visit on the web.