Monday, December 16, 2019

The History of Plumbing.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that we have indoor plumbing!  Plumbing originated during ancient civilizations.  As public baths developed, there was a need for potable water (water that is safe to drink and to cook with).  Just as vital, was the need to remove wastewater for an ever-growing population.

Ancient Rome saw the rapid development of aqueducts and the wide-spread use of lead pipes.  The word "plumber" dates from the Roman Empire.  The Latin word for lead is plumbum.  With the fall of the empire there was nearly a thousand years of regression and stagnated water was the norm rather than the exception.

In America today there is safer copper piping and waste treatment plants.  The safety of your plumbing system in the Central and Southern Fox Valley may be confidently trusted to Bee Plumbing Inc.  Count on Scott and his crew on every call that you might make in 2020.  From the Swanson family to yours Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dec 13-15, Oswego Holiday Express

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Book your Magical Journey! Put on your pajamas, don your warm-est apparel, and we will stamp your tickets at the trolley on the way to the top of the world.


Thursday, December 5, 2019

EEEEEK…It’s a Snake!

In most cases, if you see one in your house you push the panic button.  If you have a snake in your house when your drains are clogged it can be your best friend.  If neither cleaning the trap nor plunging over and over clears a plumbing clog, your final weapon is a drain auger which is also known as a snake.

The basic process is –

1.  Push the end of the snake into the drain and turn the handle on the drum.
2.  Keep pushing the snake until you feel resistance.
3.  Rotate the snake against the blockage until it moves freely.

Does that sound like a lot of upper-body strength to you?  One thing is for sure, if you are lying in a hospital bed you can’t enjoy your Fox Valley home.  In and around Yorktown, Sandwich, Aurora, etc. call on the drain cleaning experts at Bee Plumbing.  Just go to and call the appropriate phone number near you.