Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Sewer Problems Beneath Frozen Ground.

No question about it, freezing in Chicagoland can occasionally be a problem. It affects cars, homes, people, and, yes even sewage systems! Identifying and correcting a potential freezing problem is far easier than dealing with a frozen system.


Here are a few common causes of onsite system freeze-ups -

1.  A lack of snow cover…no natural blanket.

2.  If the snow compacts.

3.  A lack of plant cover.

4.  Leaking plumbing fixtures.

5.  Pipes which have stopped draining properly.

Troubleshooting a potential problem can save you huge dollars in the long run! Before winter rears its head in the Fox Valley it may be a great idea to let Scott Swanson of Bee Plumbing look at your sewage system in your far West Suburban Chicagoland home. Call Scott at the number you see in your area by visiting bee-plumbinginc.com on the internet.

Monday, November 2, 2020

It’s Just a Leaky Faucet.

It seems so basic…doesn’t it? After all, just about every Fox Valley area home will eventually experience leaky faucets eventually. Is it a DIY job to fix one or more of them in your home, or not? Well the answer to that seemingly simple question may be yes AND no! Why so complicated you may ask?

Here are some reasons why this may be a job for a professional plumber –

1.  You don’t have to invest in specific plumbing tools.

2.  When a pro does it, there is a warranty on the work.

3.  You might make the problem worse…not better.

4.  It is something your plumber has probably done hundreds of times.

Leaky faucet repair in the Southern Fox Valley is one of the many areas of expertise employed by Scott Swanson and his crew at Bee Plumbing. When you have leaky faucets in your home all you have to do is go to the internet and search bee-plumbinginc.com. There you will find the right phone number to call in your area for professional plumbing service.