Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Can Sewer Lines Freeze?

These may be famous last words in the middle of another Chicagoland winter. As a Fox Valley area homeowner, you should be prepared to take the necessary and very important steps in preparing for the harsh winter months still to come. Gutters need to be cleared and chimneys swept in anticipation of snow and icy conditions.

The most common causes of freezing sewer lines are –

1.  Poor insulation around your home’s pipes

2.  The temperature suddenly drops precipitously overnight

3.  Water flow is limited or restricted

4.  Did you check your thermostat? It may be malfunctioning

Whatever the cause, you can get ahead of impending disaster by remembering the name Bee Plumbing and its owner Scott Swanson. There is nothing more determined than a bee! Let Scott examine and repair or replace sewer piping in your southern Fox Valley home. Just type in bee-plumbinginc.com on a Google search and call them today.

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